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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he told reporters there's no evidence that nassau's county executive and caro ever exchanged racy messages of any kind. >> it's a hoax. >> reporter: a hoax he said revolves around the single document proporting to show the sexting. the county executive claimed his phone was hacked and police open their investigation. >> it's obvious that somebody created the toumt. somebody has an agenda. >> reporter: ryder looked at two of caro's cell phones, two of her personal computers and man mangan man mangano mangano's cell phone. there was no evidence the phones were hacked. >> reporter: the pr woman who interviewed mangano tweeted the words "thank you." after the police brief. >> somebody out there getting their jollies. >> reporter: as for mangano claimed to be a target saying my family and i are the victims of
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>> i told him explicitly, if you are lying to me, i'll be the guy that walks in and put the handcuffs on you. >> reporter: ryder went out of his way to address critics who doubted the police department could do an independent investigation. >> i'm telling you the truth with the evidence i have in front of me. >> reporter: ryder even presented his findings to the fbi and the nassau d.a. but says he still can't say who is behind the hoax. now while the sexting investigation may be closed, the nassau da said it continues to investigate the two no bid contracts given to caro's company for about $48,000. live in now to the clean up after a powerful storm system dumped heavy rain while blasting the tristate area with wind so strong they damaged buildings, cars, trees, and knocked out power to tens of thousands of
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this is one example where the large trees were blown over on to the house. in new jersey psge teams were busy repairing utility poles that were snapped in half. news 4 is standing by with more on the damage of the storm in queens. >> reporter: it's still pretty windy here in queens a in the hour. nothing compared to the gusts which damaged the building behind me. i'm going to tell you more about that in a minute. first, more evidence of that incredibly strong wind, which affected the tristate area from westchester to long island. the remnants of a toppled tree blown over and smashed into a roof. and live wires igniting and set setting parked cars on fire. those two vehicles susan cosgrove's ford escape and her husband's yukon. >> it sounded like thunder. i guess it was the tree coming down. then we heard something like skittering across the roof and
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orange glow out the front of the house. >> reporter: live wires triggered fires like this in new rochelle. the wind kept knocking things over. this tree crashed down on to spring road in i don't knowers. on top of a car. the driver had to be taken to the hospital but is okay. and here in elmhurst neighbors are waiting to exhale after realizing the wind blown debris from the verizon building could have landed on the cars closer to rush hour with people inside. >> if it happened at rush hour it would have been deadly, probably. a lot of people come around here after work and stuff like that. this area is so crowded. >> reporter: behind me here is still a relatively active scene. police have set up a metal fence as a perimeter. and the new york city buildings department has issued a violation to the buildings' owner for failure to maintain the facade. once again, no one here was injured.
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>> thank you very much. tonight news 4 investigates news in the death of the 2-year-old girl left in the fire after she was left home alone. we learned of multiple neglect complaints of children services against the mother. what did you learn, me lisa? >> we're told by sources inside the child welfare system that child protective workers were never able to substantiatuate the allegations that the little girl was in danger. allegations specifically that the mother l layla aquino was me in neglecting her daughter leaving her home before she turned 2 years old. there were several complaints about people concerned about the little girl. sources say child protective workers within new york city administration for children's services could not or did not find enough evidence to confirm those allegations. at one point, we're told they
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they did not attempt to put this child into foster care. we're told the family was referred for preventive services. but whether the family ever received the services, we don't know. whether acs workers missed warning signs, whether they did a thorough investigation, we also do not know. because acs and mayo de blasio are simply refusing to comment on the specifics of this case citing privacy rules. mayor de blasio today getting a bit testy when i pointed out that in other cases of tragic deaths during his term that were known to acs, he has been willing to discuss the details. >> melissa, you know a lot about the investigative process. when we have clear information, if i think something is wrong i don't hesitate to say it. i don't have the facts yet. >> the mayor is promising a rigorous investigation of the agency's handling.
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defending acs. the mother layla aquino charged with endangering the welfare of her daughter was in foster care when she was a teen. as for the fire that tragically killed her little girl while she was reportedly out partying, i have learned at this point there's no evidence it was intentionally set nor do investigators believe it was accidentally caused by can kalina, a toddler left home alone at 2 years old. a financial crisis in new jersey could lead to a shut down. the mayor is preparing for municipal government shut down after the city council vote to reject the 2016 budget. hours before homeowners protested an impedding tax increase. if no budget is approved by tuesday, the municipal employees would be told to stay home.
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serving white plains after the transcare ambulance company stopped operating prompting safety concerns for the 2900,000 people it concerned. it left gaps in service in the bronx and queens. news 4 shows how first responders are filling that. >> reporter: transcare filed for bankruptcy ceasing their balance operations. work it can be dangerous knowing help is a call away brings a level of comfort. >> if the lift fails on one of us. my boss got a call for the ambulance service. it would be unfortunate for me. >> reporter: david chong had a plan in place. >> public safety is our main goal. we didn't want any lapse in coverage whatsoever. >> reporter: from white plains, that meant -- >> we had our police and firefighters who were paramedics
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>> reporter: there's a new balance company on the street tonight. transcare ambulance serves portions of new york city. >> it's our duty to the people of new york to be ready to serve. >> reporter: transcare had contracts with hospitals in the bronx and manhattan. as they're phasing out, additional units including fdny paramedics are working overtime filling the gap. firefighters are helping out as well. >> it's 15 people out of a work force of about 11,000. it's nothing that puts a strain on the department. >> reporter: the extra work similar to what happens during a snowstorm. >> it's been absolutely seamless. our people are working very, very hard to make it work. back in white plains, knowing public safety had a plan b. >> that's very important. it's really important. >> reporter: transcare is still operating. >> we did reach out to transcare for comment, they have not responded.
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00. the news 4 i-team reveals how easy it is for prisoners to smuggle cell phones into one of the largest and infamous jails in new york city. calling a threat to a school may seem like a prank. lawmakers in connecticut are pushing for a more serious punishment. that's no joke. janice huff has the forecast. >> we've got the sun returning, also the layers. the cold weather is settling in for a couple of days.
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nearly a year after a deadly crash in stratford. charges have been filed against the suspected drunk driver who
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jonathan is facing several charges. police say he was speeding on the meter parkway last april when he crashed into another car killing the driver. rosa wood locke is expected back in court on march 9th. >> connecticut trying to crack down on school threats. under the bill those who threaten preschools, k through 12 campuses or universities could face a felon charge and up to 10 years in prison. the public hearing is planned march 2 vrnd nd. a fox tested positive for ray byes. anyone who may have come in contact with the fox is being asked to asked the health department. call if you think your pet came in contact with the rabid animal. coming up exclusive video shot by a prisoner at rikers island.
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the former prisoner speaks to the i-team about a security break down at the city's largest jail. more investigations.
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call today, and welcome back. lester holt is joining from los angeles. >> another big night in politics. warning for parents of young kids out there. the battle against lice is getting tougher as a new strain of super lice takes hold. it's been found in 25 states so far. it may actually be getting more common than the traditional variety. we'll tell you everything you need to know about how to get rid of it when we see it coming up at 6:30. >> thank you so much. you're not supposed to have a cell phone in jail. a former rikers island prisoner said it was a cinch to smuggle an iphone behind bars and take videos. he's speaking to the news 4 i-team. the convict story and his videos
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>> boasting public about how he broke the rules behind bars and got away with it. why would he publicize his own crimes? to warn taxpayers they're not getting for what they paid for at the city's largest jail. you are looking at a city jail cell from a point of view rarely seen. inmates are not allowed to have phones. they're considered dangerous contraband. these were taken by a prisoner who said it was easy to walk the iphone 6 into rikers island. >> the former prisoner asked us not to reveal his face. this cell phone video was taken in a holding cell outside court. he took this video, he says, once he was transferred to rickers. he points the lens at this corrections officer when he turns his back. >> why are you speaking out
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cell phone inside rickers? >> i think everybody, taxpayers, to see this because we're paying for them to do nothing. >> we sent the videos to the new york city department of corrections. a spoke person said we take these allegations seriously and an investigation is underway. a week after receiving the videos, doc investigators still could not confirm this is actually a rikers island holding cell. court records confirm the prisoner was jailed at rikers island. >> when inmates have cell phones with them, they're not, for the most part, using it to call mom on mother's day. >> department of investigation commissioner mark peters said city jails have made progress in detecting contraband with new training and protocols. last year jail guards confiscated 21% more contraband than the year before. cell phone recoveries were down 13%. >> would you say a cell phone is just as dangerous as a weapon? >> a cell phone in one sense can
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because a cell phone allows you to communicate undetected. contraband cell phones can get weapons in. can get drugs in. can get alcohol in. >> scott is ceo of berkeley electronics. a new jersey company that sells cell phone detection systems. he doesn't supply city jails but hardware like this can help rid jails of contraband phones. i hid a phone on my person and this detector easily found it. the light shows the phone was stashed somewhere below my ankle and it was. the doc owns seven cell phone detectors made by another company. the agency is in the process of buying ten more. it's not clear how this cell phone slipped through. >> it seems that somebody didn't do their job. >> city council member elizabeth crowley shares the committee that oversees rikers island. the videos demonstrate a failure by jail guards but may demonstrate a tired work force. >> correction officers are
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many are force not only to double shifts but triple shifts. >> the former prisoner told us a cell phone isn't the only illegal item he's slipped past guards. when what else were you able to get into rikers island? >> i was able to bring two joints with me and a lighter. >> two joints and a lighter. marijuana? >> yeah, marijuana joints. >> we asked new york's office of court administration if court security officers should have discovered the phone and any other contraband. we were told that court officers typically conduct a pat down search after the defendant is sentenced but they leave the more thorough searching to prison guard. we were told last week that jail guards did a sweep and they found another contraband phone. back to you. >> thank you. the now the other story you would like new york's biggest i-team to check out. call us. we got hit with the one two
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are we out of the woods? >> pretty much for the big storm system. the wind are gusty now but they aren't the dangerous winds we saw from last night. be on the look out if you're driving. especially on overpasses. it's pretty brisk out there. we have to layer up tonight and tomorrow. the cold air is back. here is a look from the camera. 41 in central park. it feels colder as the winds gust here and there. we expect them to continue. they're not as strong as yesterday. cloudy skies and the sun comes back out tomorrow. here is a look at the flood warnings. one of the other things we had to deal with, of course, besides the wind yesterday was the heavy rain. there's flood warnings in effect along several rivers and streams across north central new jersey. up toward connecticut. and in parts of duchess county. most of these rivers and streams will recede as we go through the night and into tomorrow.
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were incredible. between 55 and 70 miles per hour gusts. tropical storm force winds. today's gusts were a little bit lower but still pretty strong between 30 and 50 miles per hour generally. now they're lower but still brisk. 39 in tribecca now. 41 in sheepshead bay. it's above freezing. it feels colder, though, because we're seeing gusts around 20 to 25 to 30 miles per hour. look it feels like the 20s in month monticello. the wind will drop considerably throughout the night. 22 in the city, and 19 in north port. it's chilly all day long
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teens and 20s for the windchill. so we have to deal with that again tomorrow for another 24 hours. if you like spring thes and snow flurries here and there. a lot isn't reaching the ground. nothing significant at all. if you see a flurry flying or a few rain drops, don't worry too much. the big low is spinning to the west. the stormy weather from last night is long gone. it was pretty quiet for the rest of the week. the weekend. nice and sunny all weekend. but by the time we get to sunday the 50s return. 50 on sunday and monday. a shower and there on monday. wednesday into thursday. but overall a much quiter forecast. >> thank you. live from yankee's spring training camp in tampa. >> reporter: at yankee's
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alex rodriguez steals the show during the team's full first squad work out of the spring.
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>> reporter: alex rodriguez said he's in a good place. he's not taking anything for granted. today the yankee met with the media after enjoying his first official work out of the spring. in one year, alex rodriguez has gone from a battled slugger to a star with yankees fans. even though his one year suspension from baseball is one more year removed, a-rod remains contrite and open to admitting
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>> look, i made some big mistakes. that's never going to go away. i think last year made some great progress on and off the field. i know 2015, for me, for many ways a cinderella season. i don't take it for granted. >> reporter: for awhile the talk was about ped. now it's about rbis. coming off a 33 home run season, the question is what does he expect of himself at age 40? >> i never look at the season and think about numbers. i think about how can i help the team win and be available both on the field and in the clubhouse to make some positive contributions. >> yesterday 35-year-old mark tu chara would like to play five more years. does a-rod feel the same way? >> i do love the game. i'm madly in love with the game of baseball. that's for sure, but i won't be playing five more years. >> reporter: whether it was in the batting cage or signing
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infatration with a-rod was evident. manager put it in perspective. >> alex has been a guy that has been worthy of attention. i don't think it's ever going to change. >> reporter: major league baseball and the players union announced a new slide rule today. call it a chase utley rule. here is how it works. a double play ball base runners will be required to make a modified slide and attempt to touch and remain on the base. in essence, they cannot do what chase utley did to reuben. utley is still appealing his two game us is suspension. alex rodriguez hopes to make the
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that's the story from tampa. >> all right, bruce, thank you very much. next on nbc nightly news the risk of so called super lice. they're spreading in half the country map to do when your kids come home with super lice. see you back here at 11:00. good night. developing news tonight. tornado disaster. states of emergency as over two dozen twisters carve a deadly path of destruction. hundreds of homes decimated. for the first time, we see the massive scope of the damage. targeting trump. a critical night for cruz and rubio. it could be their last chance to blunt donald trump's marcho the nomination. super lice warning, striking in 25 states. extremely resistant to the ways we usually get rid of them. what every parent should know. don't drink the water. another big city warns its residents about what's flowing into their homes. and video horror.


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